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Movie events on the 1st August


Union General Ulysses S. Grant appoints General Philip Sheridan commander of the Army of the Shenandoah. (Abraham Lincoln)


Attorney General Alexander Mitchell Palmer puts J. Edgar Hoover in charge of the General Intelligence Division. (Washington, D.C. ) (J. Edgar)


Da Mayor takes off like white lightning up a black snake ass during a baseball game. (Snowhill, Alabama) (Do the Right Thing)


Japanese destroyer rams an American patrol torpedo boat, slicing it in two - other American PT boats in the area assume the crew is dead; 2 crewmen were killed, but 11 survived, including Lt. John F. Kennedy. . (PT-109)


By this time, the Jacobi's change their lock. (Birmingham, Alabama) (Manhunter)


Chris McCandless arranged for the post office to hold his letters until this date to buy him time. (Into the Wild)


Jim shaves his pubic region. Stifler takes the wedding ring out of dog faeces, eats the faeces, and later causes the death of flowers for the wedding. He tries to repair the damage. (American Wedding)


Phil, Stu, and Alan wake up with hangovers and discover that Doug is missing. (Las Vegas, NV) (The Hangover)

Frank Barnes receives a 90-day notice saying that he will be fired. (Unstoppable)


Fred, Rick, Flats, and Hog Head eat a lot of meat at Applebee's. (Providence, Rhode Island) (Hall Pass)


NAFE (National Association for Female Executives) names Weyland Industries a Top 50 Company for Executive Women. (Prometheus)

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