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September: Nazis take census of Polish Jews arriving in Krakow.


Thursday 20th March: Nazis allow Jews to enter Krakow for the last time.


Amon Goeth begins his part of the final solution in Krakow.


Saturday 13th March: Amon Goeth liquidises the Jewish ghettos and moves Jews to Plaszow concentration camp.


April: Over 10,000 murdered Jewish bodies exhumed and subequently burned195.

September: Women imprisoned in Plaszow are transferred to Auschwitz.

November: Oskar Schindler secures the release of the women at Auschwitz and has them transferred to his own camp at Brunnlitz.


Friday 11th May: Brunnlitz liberated by Russians.


Friday 13th September: Amon Goeth executed for war crimes in Poland.


Saturday 28th April: Oskar Schindler awarded the honour of righteous Gentile.


Wednesday 9th October: Oskar Shindler dies, and is taken for burial at the Latin Cemetery on Mount Zion, Jerusalem. (Frankfurt Germany)


Wednesday 7th February: Dr. Josef Mengele, the infamous Nazi doctor who performed medical experiments at the Auschwitz death camps, dies of a stroke while swimming. (Brazil)

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