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11 yr old hacker "Zero Cool" banned from using a computer for crashing 1507 systems in one day, causing a 7pt drop in the New York Stock Exchange. (Seattle)

Wednesday 10th August: Dade Murphy crashes 1,507 computer systems in one day, including Wall Street trading systems,single handedly causing a seven point drop in the New York Stock Market. (Seattle, Washington)


Dade Murphy and his hacker friends thwart Eugene "The Plague" Belford's virus, avoiding worldwide ecological disaster. (New York)

Wednesday 6th September: After moving from Seattle, Dade Murphy begins his Senior Year of High School in NYC. (New York City)

Wednesday 6th September: Dade Murphy meets Kate Libby for the first time. (New York City)

Friday 8th September: Dade Murphy goes to Cyberdelia for the first time. Meets with Phreak and Joey. Also beats Kate Libby's high score in the arcade video game "Wipeout". (New York City)

Friday 13th October: Dade Murphy and Kate Libby enlist the help of notorious hackers Razor & Blade in order to download a worm program and destroy the Da Vinci Virus within Ellingson Mineral's computer system. (New York City)

Saturday 14th October: Dade Murphy, Kate Libby, Paul Cook, and Joey Pardello are arrested at Grand Central Station while trying to hack into Ellingson Mineral Corp. (New York City)

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