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Thursday 21st March: Walter Kovacs is born.


Tuesday 12th May: John is introduced to Janey when she buys him a beer. The first time a woman has done this for him. (New York, New York)


Friday 4th September: Dr. Manhattan falls in love with Laurie during a meeting with the rest of the Watchmen. He lies to Janey when he tells her he still wants her. (New York, New York)


Thursday 12th February: Wally Weaver dies from cancer. (New York, New York)


Saturday 12th October: Edward Blake (aka The Comedian) is killed (New York City)

Sunday 13th October: Rorshach writes in his journal as he sneaks onto a military base to meet with Dr. Manhattan. (New York, New York)

Monday 21st October: Rorschach writes in his journal that he sees Drieberg and Jupiter leaving a diner on 43rd and 7th. (New York, New York)

Friday 1st November: Rorshach writes in his journal for the last time. (New York, New York)

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