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Nowhere Boy - timeline

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John Lennon is photographed. (Liverpool, England)


July: After John's parents argue, he decides to stay in Liverpool and is "stolen" by his aunt Mimi. (Liverpool, England)


John and Mimi are photographed. (Liverpool, England)


John and Julia are photographed. (Liverpool, England)


Sunday 5th June: George Toogood Smith dies. (Liverpool, England)


Pete Shotton and John are photographed. The Quarrymen are photographed. (Liverpool, England)

Tuesday 18th June: Paul McCartney turns 15 years old. (Liverpool, England)

Saturday 6th July: John Lennon meets Paul McCartney. (Liverpool, England)

Wednesday 9th October: John Lennon argues with his mother. His aunt tells him about the day she "stole" him. (Liverpool, England)

Thursday 10th October: John wakes up on a bench after being out all night and speaks to his aunt at the cemetery. (Liverpool, England)


George Harrison, John Lennon, and Paul McCartney are photographed. (Liverpool, England)

Tuesday 15th July: John Lennon's mom gets hit by a car while he sings at Paul McCartney's house. (Liverpool, England)


Wednesday 17th August: John Lennon calls his aunt Mimi as soon as he gets to Hamburg, and will call her every week since then until he dies. (Hamburg, Germany)


John and Mimi are photographed. (Liverpool, England)

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