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Saturday 31st October: Prince Albert, the Duke of York, stammers through a speech at the close of the British Empire Exhibition at Wembley Stadium. (London, England)


Sunday 25th December: King George V delivers the first Royal Christmas Message over the radio and bullies his son Albert, the Duke York. (London, England)


Monday 20th January: King George V dies. His son Edward accedes to the throne, becoming King Edward VIII. (London, England)

Friday 11th December: King Edward VIII abdicates the throne after less than a year as king in order to marry American socialite Wallis Simpson. His brother Albert accedes to the throne, becoming King George VI. (London, England)


Wednesday 12th May: King George VI is officially crowned (London, England)


Sunday 3rd September: The United Kingdom declares war on Nazi Germany. (London, England)

Monday 25th December: King George VI delivers the Royal Christmas Message over the radio with friend and teacher Lionel Logue helping through every moment. (London, England)


King George VI appoints Lionel Logue a Commander of the Royal Victorian Order. (1944)

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