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Movie history events from 1925

In 1925 England, an Oxford student becomes involved in the complicated lives of British aristocrats. (Oxford, England) (Brideshead Revisited)

John D. Truesdale is born. (Los Angeles, California) (Drag Me To Hell)

The year on Claude Cabret's hip flask. (Hugo)

The Duluth Bulldogs football team is disbanded, the backers cite financial problems. (Leatherheads)

Professer Challenger, along with several companions, discovers a lost worls populated with prehistoric animals. (The Lost World) (The Lost World)

The Majestic cinema opens. (The Majestic)

U.S. Army War College Study says, "Blacks are mentally inferior, by nature subservient, and cowards in the face of danger." (Red Tails)

Montague Davenport dies. (Louisville, Kentucky) (The Return of the Living Dead)

Frank Wheeler born. (Revolutionary Road)

Dill Harris born. (To Kill A Mockingbird)

North Bend Psychiatric Hospital established. (North Bend, Oregon) (The Ward)

Wednesday 28th January: Lucien Carr dies. (Washington, D.C.) (Kill Your Darlings)

Saturday 14th February: Three men hunt for the treasure of the Sierra Madre. (Mexico) (The Treasure of the Sierra Madre)

Sunday 1st March: Lucien Carr is born. (New York City, New York) (Kill Your Darlings)

Saturday 4th July: Edward Wilson's father commits suicide. (The Good Shepherd)

Saturday 4th July: The first regatta on the island happens. (Amity Island) (Jaws)

Tuesday 7th July: Harriet Jupp dies. (Darkman II: The Return of Durant)

Monday 10th August: Arthur Nixon dies of tuberculosis. (Nixon)

Wednesday 7th October: Christy Mathewson dies. (Saranac Lake, New York) (The Pride of the Yankees)

Monday 26th October: R.J. Mitchell's controversial new aircraft, Supermarine S.4, crashes into Chesapeake Bay at the Schneider International Seaplane Race when its pilot Geoffrey Crisp loses consciousness after maxing out at 230 mph. American flyer, Jimmy Doolittle, wins the race in his Curtis bi-plane at a top speed of 210 mph. (Baltimore, Maryland) (The First of the Few)

Saturday 31st October: Prince Albert, the Duke of York, stammers through a speech at the close of the British Empire Exhibition at Wembley Stadium. (London, England) (The King's Speech)

Friday 20th November: Robert F Kennedy born. (Bobby)

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