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Friday 20th November: Robert F Kennedy born.


April: Free democratic elections are held. (Czechoslovakia)


Future army conscript William Avery and future Bobby Kennedy presidential campaign volunteers Wade, Dwayne, Jimmy and Cooper are born.

Wednesday 3rd August: Diane Huber born.


Retired hotel doorman John Casey's wife dies.


Saturday 16th March: Robert F Kennedy announces his candidacy for President of the United States.

Thursday 4th April: Martin Luther King assassinated.

Monday 3rd June: Andy Warhol shot by Valeria Solanas.

Tuesday 4th June: Presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy awaits primary results; Diane Huber marries William Avery to prevent him going to Vietnam; Paul Ebbers sacks Timmons and has his affair with Angela discovered by wife Miriam. (Ambassador Hotel, LA)

Wednesday 5th June: Robert F Kennedy wins the California Presidential Primary, and is shot after delivering his victory speech.

Thursday 6th June: Presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy dies in hospital. (Los Angeles)

July: Virginia Fallon plays a series of shows. (Las Vegas)

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