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A Presbyterian Church is established. (New York)


Tuesday 31st December: Times Square Ball is dropped for the first time. (New York City)


Kominsky begins working in Times Square. (New York City)


La Gambina Trattoria starts getting patronage around this time. (New York City, New York)


Saturday 25th October: In a game between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Mets, the ball goes between Boston's Bill Buckner's legs. (New York City)


Kim's daughter Hailey is born. (New York City)


Randy starts growing a beard. (New York City)

Friday 31st December: Seth meets Kim. Jensen proposes to Laura before getting cold feet. (New York City)


Ahern Records suffers from music piracy. (New York City)

Saturday 1st January: Seth and Kim kiss at midnight. Later, Seth cannot find her but keeps a napkin with a note from her saying to meet on the next New Year's Eve. (New York City)

Saturday 1st January: UFC Revolution fight between Chris Leben and Brian Stann is broadcasted on pay-per-view.

Saturday 19th March: UFC Revolution fight featuring Shogun vs Jones and Faber vs Wineland is broadcasted live on pay-per-view.

Friday 16th December: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows is released.

Sunday 25th December: Aimee celebrates Christmas. (New York City, New York)

Saturday 31st December: People go through various New Year's Eve related situations. (New York City)


Sunday 1st January: The new year begins at midnight. (New York City)

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