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Movie events on the 16th December


Jane Austen born. (Becoming Jane)


150 rolls of toilet paper refused to USS Sea Tiger. (Operation Petticoat)


Lt Hart uses a court-martial to escape from a POW camp so he can blow up an ammunition dump. (Hart's War)


Norma and Arthur Lewis have a box dropped at their front door with a note from Arlington Steward; Mr Steward arrives later and offers an immoral proposal. (Richmond, Virginia) (The Box)


A boxing match takes place. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) (Rocky III)


John Gotti orchestrates the assassination of Paul Castellano. (The Green Hornet)


Martin Casillas, the fifth child victim of ritual killings, born. (USA) (Bless the Child)

Cody O'Connor born to a drug-addict mother, Jenna O'Connor. (USA) (Bless the Child)


Jesse arrives to meet Celine on the train platform; he wanders the city for days then returns to the US. (Vienna Austria) (Before Sunrise)

Celine attends her grandmother's funeral. (Budapest) (Before Sunset)


Christof speaks to Truman and tells him that he cannot leave. Truman speaks on live television one last time before escaping. (The Truman Show)


John W. Creasy is killed by "The Voice" after trading his life for Peta, a girl who was kidnapped. (Mexico City) (Man on Fire)

Daniel Sanchez "The Voice" was killed during the course of arrest. (Mexico City) (Man on Fire)


Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows is released. (New Year's Eve)

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