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Movie events on the 16th October


Oscar Wilde is born. (Dublin, Ireland) (Velvet Goldmine)


In an act of loyalty to the Yamamori Family, Shozo Hiirono guns down Yakuza boss Kiyoshi Doi in the streets of Hiroshima; abandoned by everything and everyone, his only path is to go back to prison. (Hiroshima, Japan) (The Yakuza Papers)


Chris Vail is born. (Wickliffe, Ohio) (Accepted)


The Jupiter II, en route for Alpha Centauri, blasted off on October 16th, 1997. The film based on the series, Lost in Space (1998), began production in 1997. (Lost in Space)


Enron reveals $1.2 billion deficit. (Texas) (Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room)


Chris Vail's driver's license is issued. (Wickliffe, Ohio) (Accepted)


Detective Allison Kerry is kidnapped and placed in an inescapable trap that could open up her torso. (Saw III)


Astrophysics professor John Koestler meets Diana Wayland, daughter of crazy Lucinda Embry. (Knowing)


George Stacy's funeral. Peter tells Gwen that he cannot see her anymore. (New York City) (The Amazing Spider-Man)

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