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Movie events on the 21st December


William Wordsworth and his sister Dorothy move into Dove Cottage. (Westmoreland, England) (Pandaemonium)


William Wallace Lincoln is born. (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter)


Determined to challenge the growing American military presence in their territory, Indians lure Lieutenant Colonel William Fetterman and his soldiers into a deadly ambush. (Wyoming) (Chief Crazy Horse)


Sir William Robertson is appointed chief of the Imperial General Staff. (Oh! What a Lovely War)


Elvis Presley is greeted at the White House by President Richard M. Nixon. (Washington, D.C.) (Nixon)


Apollo 18 mission is launched. (Apollo 18)


Wealthy socialite Sunny" von Bulow is found in a coma--the result of what appeared to be an insulin overdose. (Newport, Rhode Island) (Reversal of Fortune)


Richard Chance gives Jimmy Hart a fishing rod. Rick Masters prints counterfeit money. (Los Angeles, California) (To Live and Die in LA)


Jack Frost goes on a killing spree and is defeated when anti-freeze is used on him. (Snowmonton) (Jack Frost)


Jack Frost goes to an island in the Pacific. (Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman)


Chris Grandy's taxi-driver's license expires. (New York City) (13 Going On 30)

Kirby Dick appears in front of the MPAA's appeal board to appeal the NC-17 rating given to this movie. He loses. (This Film is Not Yet Rated)


Iris meets screenwriting legend Arthur Abbott. (Hollywood) (The Holiday)


The world comes to an end based on the Mayan calender. (Worldwide) (2012)

Human civilization is devastated by multiple natural disasters, but a small portion of the population escapes in Government-provided "arcs". (Worldwide) (2012)

Tony Stark tests the Mark 42 Iron Man suit. (Malibu, California) (Iron Man 3)

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Helena Rittenhouse's friends hear from her mother that she hasn't arrived. Riley Stone gets messages from a Calvin Hawthorne account, and she and her friends go up against frat boys. (Hawthorne College) (Black Christmas)

Brooke, Madison, Claire, and Sir Cole have a tree-trimming get-together. (Bracebridge, Ohio) (The Knight Before Christmas)


Weyland astronomers note an area of space appearing very rich in minerals and other natural resources. Weyland expected to travel there within the century. (Prometheus)

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