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Movie history events from 1877

8th January: Crazy Horse and his warriors--outnumbered, low on ammunition and forced to use outdated weapons to defend themselves--fight their final losing battle against the U.S. Cavalry. (Montana) (They Died with Their Boots On)

5th May: Sitting Bull and a band of followers cross into Canada hoping to find safe haven from the U.S. Army. (Sitting Bull)

10th May: Rutherford B. Hayes has first phone installed in White House. (Washington, D.C.) (Buffalo Bill)

15th June: Henry O. Flipper is 1st African-American to graduate from U.S. Military Academy. (West Point, New York) (The Trial of the Moke)

21st June: "Molly Maguires" hung for murder. (Pennsylvania) (The Molly Maguires)

17th August: Billy the Kid wounds a blacksmith who dies the next day. (Arizona) (Young Guns)

23rd August: Texas Rangers arrest John Wesley Hardin. (Florida) (The Texas Rangers)

5th September: Oglala Sioux chief Crazy Horse is fatally bayoneted by a U.S. soldier after resisting confinement in a guardhouse (Ft. Robinson, Nebraska) (They Died with Their Boots On)

31st December: Billy The Kid first meets Pat Garrett. (Young Guns)

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