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Movie events on the 21st June


Hank Martin from 20th Century Connecticut, USA is hauled before King Arthur and sentenced to death by bonfire. Having read in his pocket almanac that an eclipse will occur at noon, Martin threatens that he will blot out the sun if he's not released. When his threat comes true, he is proclaimed a great wizard, proclaimed Prime Minister and dubbed "Sir Boss". (England) (A Yankee in King Arthur's Court)


Zachary Taylor marries Margaret Smith. (Louisville, Kentucky) (Rebellion)


Proclamation Day. From the balcony of St. James Palace, the 18-year-old Royal Princess Victoria is officially proclaimed Queen of Great Britain and Ireland and Defender of the Faith. Queen Victoria formally acknowledges her desire to retain Prime Minister Lord Melbourne and his Ministry at the Head of Affairs. (London England) (Victoria the Great)


"Molly Maguires" hung for murder. (Pennsylvania) (The Molly Maguires)


An edition of The Illustrated London Mouse runs with the headline "Queen Honours Detective" and the subtitle "Queen Praises Detective Basil, Medal to be Given." (London) (The Great Mouse Detective)


Richard M. Nixon marries Thelma Catherine "Pat" Ryan. (Riverside, California) (Nixon)


Allies surrender at Tobruk, Libya. (Tobruk, Libya) (Tobruk)


Dr. Abraham Erskine tells Steve Rogers about Johann Schmidt and how he got the Super Soldier Serum. He also tells him to be a good man rather than a perfect soldier. (Captain America: The First Avenger)


A child is born. (Gatlin, Nebraska) (Children of the Corn)


A nineteen-year-old is sacrificed. (Gatlin, Nebraska) (Children of the Corn)


Pi and his family leave on the Tsimtsum to go to Canada. (Pondicherry, India) (Life of Pi)

Robert Hillsborough dies from 15 stab wounds. The last words he hears are "Faggot! Faggot! Faggot!" (The Castro, San Francisco, California) (Milk)


Ray Pluto has sex with Anne Beamer while Juan Benitez is wounded. (New York City, New York) (Double Whammy)


Illeana Scott interviews Rebecca Asher, Martin's mother. (Taking Lives)


Birth of "Baby" Diego, the last youngest person on Earth. (Argentina) (Children of Men)


A check is written to Peter's Pipes. (Los Angeles, California) (We Bought a Zoo)


David awakens in 2024, connected to a VR system. (Los Angeles, California) (The Thirteenth Floor)

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