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Movie history events from 1900

International Diplomats and soldiers fend off attacks on the International Compound during the Boxer Revolution. (Peking, China) (55 Days at Peking)

Frank Chapman says that people should count birds instead of counting them. (The Big Year)

Future Olympic athlete Harold Abrahams born. (Chariots of Fire)

A mummy is discovered by three Egyptologists: Englishmen John Bray and Sir Giles Dalrymple as well as French Professor Eugene Dubois. Assisting in the expedition is Professor Dubois' daughter, and Bray's fiancee, Annette. All the artifacts are brought back to London by the project's backer, American showman Alexander King, who plans to recoup his investment by staging luridly sensational public exhibits of the Egyptian treasures. Soon after arrival, the mummy revives and starts to kill various members of the expedition, while it becomes evident that sinister Adam Beecham, a wealthy arts patron whom members of the expedition meet on the ship returning to England, harbors a crucial revelation of the mummy's past and future. (The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb)

Gigi. (Gigi)

Francis Ouimet sees Harry Vardon play golf. (Brookline, Massachusetts) (The Greatest Game Ever Played)

Indiana Jones born. (Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade)

Borough Hall Highlands Incorporated. (Highlands, New Jersey) (Jersey Girl)

Satine, the beautiful courtesan of the Moulin Rouge, dies in Christian's arms. (Paris) (Moulin Rouge)

Dorothy Gale returns to a ruined Oz with her pet chicken Billina and has adventures with copper mechanical man TikTok, another scarecrow with a pumpkin for a head named Jack, and a sofa with a mounted gump's head; she kills the Gnome King and restores Oz before returning back to Kansas. (Kansas) (Return to Oz)

Elise McKenna moves to New York with her mother to further her acting career. (Somewhere In Time)

Dorothy Gale and her pet dog Toto are blown from Kansas to Oz, killing the Wicked Witch of the East and causing adventures with a brainless Scarecrow, gutless Lion and a heartless Tinman. (Kansas) (The Wizard of Oz)

January: George arrives to dinner with his friends dishevelled, disoriented, hungry and from far into the future. (The Time Machine)

9th February: When her advisors threaten to declare her insane, Queen Victoria reminds them that she has reigned for 62 years and 234 days. (Scotland) (Victoria and Abdul)

14th February: Several girls from Appleyard College go missing on a picnic, at Hanging Rock. (Victoria, Australia) (Picnic at Hanging Rock)

14th May: The Olympics. (Paris, France) (Life of Pi)

1st June: Future President Hoover caught in Boxer Rebellion. (China) (The Day the Bubble Burst)

25th June: Lord Louis Mountbatten is born. (Windsor, England) (The Devil's Brigade)

July: Confederate soldiers attempt to unite north and south with victories over the Spanish in Cuba and Caribbean and into Mexico. (C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America)

4th July: John Sims, future unemployed insurance accountant, is born to proud parents. (USA) (The Crowd)

September: Chris McCandlessí abandoned car is identified by highway patrol. (Lake Mead, Arizona) (Into the Wild)

8th September: A storm kills 6,000 people. (Galveston, Texas) (All About Steve)

8th September: The ill-fated Joseph Carmichael is christened. (The Changeling)

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