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Movie history events from 2035

The unmanned space probe Von Braun begins its 6.5 light-year journey to the Earth-like planet Darwin IV in hopes of finding life. (Earth Orbit) (Alien Planet)

Eden Sinclair embarks on a daring visit to quarantined Scotland, when the Reaper virus appears again in London. (Scotland) (Doomsday)

Major Eden Sinclair returns to Scotland with a cure for the Reaper virus, only to face cannibals and medieval soldiers. (Doomsday)

AI VIKI tries to take over the world with armies of US Robotics' NS-5 robot in order to confine humanity so they won't destroy themselves; Del Spooner puts the robots right. (I, Robot)

Flawless robots break the 3 rules they are supposed to follow and take a rampage on humans. (Chicago, IL) (I, Robot)

James Cole sent back to 1996 to find information about the disease that wiped out 5 billion people. (Twelve Monkeys)

Friday 11th May: The National Science Foundation (NSF) lifts restrictions on the commercial use of David androids. (Prometheus)

Saturday 12th May: Clifford H. McBride has his photo taken (Ad Astra)

Saturday 30th June: After android regulations are lifted, the third generation David is deployed internally in order to test human acceptance of cybernetics individuals. Results are encouraging. (Prometheus)

Saturday 21st July: Weyland Industries opens several new offices across the globe expanding corporate presence to Greece, Antarctica, El Salvador, and South Africa to name a few. (Prometheus)

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