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5th December: Martin Van Buren is born. (Kinderhook, New York)


26th July: John Quincy Adams marries Louisa Johnson. (London, England)


21st February: Martin Van Buren marries Hannah Hoes. (Catskill, New York)


A mutiny occurs on a slave ship heading to the north-east of America.

2nd July: Africans on the Cuban schooner Amistad rise up against their captors, kill two crewmembers and seize control of the ship, which had been transporting them to a life of slavery on a sugar plantation at Puerto Principe, Cuba.


24th February: Former President John Quincy Adams begins to argue the Amistad case in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. (Washington, D.C.)


21st February: John Quincy Adams suffers a stroke.


24th July: Martin Van Buren dies of heart failure. (Kinderhook, New York)

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