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Irene Butterman is born.


Mary, future wife of Roy Porter, is born. (Sandford, Gloucestershire)


Thursday 8th May: The date that a teenager one day claims to have been born in order to drink at a pub. (Sandford, Gloucestershire)


Nicholas Angel is born. (England)


July: Nicholas Angel decides he wants more than anything to be Kermit the Frog.


Uncle Derek, a sergeant from Met, gives his nephew Nicholas Angel a police pedal car. (England)


The last murder to be recorded until twenty years later happens around this time. (Sandford, Gloucestershire)


Irene Butterman, wife of Frank and mother of Danny, dies. (Sandford, Gloucestershire)

Nicholas Angel graduates.


PC Nicholas Angel joins the SO19 Armed Response Unit.

Danny Butterman moves into a new home. (Sandford, Gloucestershire)

July: Nicholas Angel gets a commendation for his outstanding achievement on Operation Takedown. (London, England)


Nicholas Angel starts tending to a Peace Lily. (London, England)


Nicholas Angel uses firearms for the last time before before he transfers to Sandford. (London, England)


April: Sergeant Nicholas Angel gets an award. (London, England)

December: Sergeant Nicholas Angel is stabbed in the hand by a man dressed as Father Christmas. (London, England)


Sunday 23rd April: Sergeant Nicholas Angel moves to Sandford from London, and instantly arrests most of the village's youths for underage drinking, as well as PC Danny Butterman for driving drunk and disorderly. (Sandford, Gloucestershire)

Thursday 27th April: Sergeant Nicholas Angel chases and arrests Pete, but no charges are pressed. (Sandford, Gloucestershire)

Friday 28th April: Eve and her am-dram solicitor boyfriend are murdered after an appalling version of Romeo & Juliet. (Sandford, Gloucestershire)

Saturday 29th April: An explosion destroys the home (and body) of a local landowner. (Sandford, Gloucestershire)

Monday 1st May: Local journalist Tim Messinger is killed by a fallen church spire. (Sandford, Gloucestershire)

Thursday 11th May: Sergeant Nicholas Angel arrests the members of the local Neighbourhood Watch Association (NWA). (Sandford, Gloucestershire)


Head of the Sandford Police Service Nicholas Angel leaves flowers on the grave of Irene Butterman. He and Sergeant Danny Butterman drive to a supermarket where hippie-like fellows are messing with recycling bins. (Sandford, Gloucestershire)

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