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Tuesday 11th September: Thomas Schell calls his wife Linda and then leaves a voicemail that his son Oskar hears when he is let out of school early. Thomas dies at the World Trade Center. (New York City)

Friday 14th December: Thomas Schell had a surprise planned for his and Linda's anniversary on this day. (New York City)


Oskar Schell enters his father's room for the first time in a year and wants to solve a mystery that his father had left him before he died. (New York City)


Friday 7th February: Oskar looks for a special item. (New York City)

Saturday 8th February: Oskar goes to Central Park at 9 AM. (New York City)

Sunday 9th February: Oskar has a free day. (New York City)

Friday 14th February: Valentine's Day (New York City)

Saturday 15th February: Oskar does Tae Kwon Do from 9:30 to 10:30. (New York City)

Friday 21st February: Oskar planned something for this date. (New York City)

Saturday 22nd February: Oskar goes to the museum at 10 AM for a rock lecture. (New York City)

Saturday 1st March: Oskar Schell lies to his mom about going to the comic convention. Instead, he meets Abby Black. (New York City)

Friday 4th July: Linda Schell and her son Oskar meet construction workers around this time. (New York City)

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