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Movie events on the 15th April


In an alternate universe, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln is prevented. (Washington D.C.) (Hot Tub Time Machine 2)


Grover Cleveland Alexander plays 1st Major League Baseball game. (The Winning Team)


Titanic sinks. (A Night to Remember)

Time-travelling dwarves appear on the intact Titanic, briefly. (Time Bandits)

Titanic sinks. (Titanic)


Terrence C. Parker, son of the late Henry L. Parker, disappears two months arter surviving the same plane crash that killed his father. Many friends and business associates ask police to aid in the search. (Newport, Conn.) (Living on Velvet)


Jackie Robinson becomes the first African-American player in Major League Baseball when he steps onto Ebbets Field to compete for the Brooklyn Dodgers. (Brooklyn, New York) (The Jackie Robinson Story)


David Webb - later to become spy Jason Bourne - is born. (Missouri) (The Bourne Supremacy)


International Creative Management, Inc. sends a letter to Bernard Berkman. (Brooklyn, New York) (The Squid and the Whale)


Ava Gardner dies of bronchial pneumonia. (London, England) (The Aviator)


Billy passes 7th grade. (Billy Madison)

Dante Hicks is called into work at Quick Stop Convenience on his day off. His friend Randal Graves shows up late to work at the neighboring RST video, and the two have several misadventures that include a hockey match on the roof and attending Julie Dwyer's wake. (Clerks)


Jason Bourne's ID in which he uses the name Nicolas is issued. (The Bourne Identity)


Cody's mother, Jenna, and her husband Eric Stark visit Cody and Maggie at their apartment. They kidnap Cody. (USA) (Bless the Child)


Bethany Hamilton visits troops at an air base. (Ramstein, Germany) (Soul Surfer)


A toxic gas is released in rural Texas turning its citizens into flesh eating zombies. (Texas) (Planet Terror)


The Smurfs return to their world. (New York City, New York) (The Smurfs)


Greg Gaines almost goes to prom with Madison but ends up visiting a dying Rachel Kushner in the hospital to show her his film. (Pittsburgh, PA) (Me and Earl and the Dying Girl)


A dust storm occurs (Colorado) (Interstellar)


11 men sentenced to death for plot to hijack CCB drones. (Elysium)

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