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Thursday 21st August: Jason Bourne is born. (USA)

Thursday 4th December: A man is born.


Marie Helena Kreutz is born.


Marie Helena Kreutz's welder father dies.


Monday 10th October: Jason Bourne's police ID is issued. (Paris, France)


Friday 19th April: Jason Bourne's passport is issued.


Monday 19th April: Jason Bourne's Canadian ID in which he uses the name Paul Kay is issued. (Canada)


Marie Helena Kreutz pays her electric bills. (Spain)


Marie Helena Kreutz has a phone in her name for three months. (Belgium)


Marie Helena Kreutz spends a couple of months here. (Near Riom, France)

Thursday 11th December: A man's passport is issued.


Wednesday 15th April: Jason Bourne's ID in which he uses the name Nicolas is issued.

Sunday 19th April: Jason Bourne's Russian passport is issued. (Moscow, Russia)


Wednesday 18th April: Jason Bourne's passport expires.


Wednesday 9th January: The man with amnesia arrives. (Zurich, Switzerland)

Thursday 10th January: The man with amnesia finds passports in Zurich with pictures of his face and different aliases. He assumes the identity of Jason Bourne and pays Marie Helena Kreutz to take him to Paris as he is pursued.

Friday 11th January: Bourne and Kreutz go to the morgue to find the body of a man called John Michael Kane. (Paris, France)

Saturday 12th January: Kreutz takes Bourne to one of her homes. (Near Riom, France)

Sunday 13th January: Bourne kills Treadstone agents and escapes.


Monday 14th April: Jason Bourne's passport in which he uses the name Nicolas expires.

Friday 18th April: Jason Bourne's Russian passport expires.

Friday 18th April: Paul Kay Canadian ID expires.


Sunday 11th November: A man's passport expires.

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