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Movie events on the 4th October


Rutherford B. Hayes is born. (Delaware, Ohio) (Buffalo Bill)


Chicago White Sox lose Game 4 of World Series. (Chicago, Illinois) (Eight Men Out)


Heinrich Himmler, addresses the squad leaders of his Nazi secret police, attempting to fill them with pride for the work they've accomplished-the murder of more than 1 million Jews in German-occupied Russia during a one-and-a-half-year period. (The Eagle Has Landed)


"The Wonder of It All", a new musical revue, opens at the Boston Theatre starring Nancy Eagen with newcomer Kip Cooper standing in for the ailing headliner, comedian Eddie Eagen. Cooper's reviews help to launch his career in the fledgling media of television. (Boston, Massachusetts) (Always Leave Them Laughing)


Sputnik One launched, starting the Space Race. (Soviet Union) (The Right Stuff)


The new issue of Life magazine has the following headline: "Man moves into a rich new realm: Sea Probe." (New York City, New York) (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty)


James Pratt buys guns off the street. (Indianapolis, Indiana) (Runaway Jury)


Ed, Bobby Joe, and Jake are dead by dawn. Ash kills Deadite Henrietta with his chainsaw hand. The posessed hand kills Annie Knowby, but not before she recites the passages in the lost pages of the Book of the Dead, sending Ash and his Oldsmobile into the middle ages. (Tennessee) (Evil Dead II)


Andy and Trish have their seventh date. (Los Angeles, CA) (The 40 Year Old Virgin)


The sounds of footsteps wakes up Micah at night. Footprints in the white powder lead to the attic of Micah and Katie's house. In the attic Micah discovers a burned photo of Katie as a child. (San Diego, CA USA) (Paranormal Activity)

Katie Featherston decides to call Dr. Averies, a demon-expert. He is abroad so she calls upon Dr. Fredichs, the psycic medium again. (San Diego, CA USA) (Paranormal Activity)


The White House is under siege by domestic terrorists in a plot to kill President Sawyer and Vice President Hammond, so House Speaker Raphelson can become President and order a nuclear strike on the Middle East. (Washington, D.C.) (White House Down)


Dr. Richard Post, Weyland Industries' one-millionth employee, is hired and serves as Chief Statistician to the Electronics Division. (Prometheus)

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