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Movie events on the 1st October


Chicago White Sox lose Game 1 of World Series. (Cincinnati, Ohio) (Eight Men Out)


Nina Leeds returns home after working for a year at Alexander Memorial Hospital in Boston Mass, when family friend, "Good Old" Charlie Marsden, wires her that her father, the Professor, has fallen gravely ill. He dies before she can make it home. (Bradson, CT) (Strange Interlude)


Jimmy Carter is born. (Plains, Georgia) (The Cayman Triangle)


Christine Collins meets Gordon Northcott to discover the truth about her son's demise, although Gordon decides not to tell her after all. (Changeling)


Ethan Tremblay is born. (Due Date)


San Francisco Examiner headline: "Oil Lobbyist Arrested in Swannekke Island Scandal." Javier Gomez tells Luisa Rey that the adventure would make a good book. (San Francisco, California) (Cloud Atlas)


Donnie Darko argues with his sister and mother. (Donnie Darko)


Peter Weyland is born in Mumbai, India to an Oxford-educated Professor of Comparative Mythology and a self-taught engineer. (Mumbai, India) (Prometheus)


A newspaper article titled "ST. JOHN HIKER REPORTED MISSING" is published. (Offspring)


Theorizing about why city maintenance workers are trying to fix the flooded subway tunnel, Jerry Fletcher says, "Well water mains don't usually break unless it's wintertime. The pipes burst open because it's cold, it's only the first of October." (New York, NY) (Conspiracy Theory)


Professor Knowby's wife Henrietta becomes a Deadite. He buries her in the fruit cellar. (Tennessee) (Evil Dead II)

A professor dismembers his wife when she becomes posessed. (Tennessee) (The Evil Dead)


Reggie Kray dies. (Norwich, Norfolk, England) (The Krays)


Peter Weyland's 14th birthday. (Prometheus)


Andy and Trish have their fifth date. (Los Angeles, CA) (The 40 Year Old Virgin)


James Reid finds his son Britt sleeping with a woman. Daily Sentinel headline: City Under Siege (Los Angeles, California) (The Green Hornet)


Amy thinks that it is time for her and Nick to have a baby, but he disagrees. As she tries to keep him from leaving the house, he pushes her toward the staircase, and she begins to fear him. (Missouri) (Gone Girl)

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