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Movie history events from 1861

Money is printed, later to be held for an emergency by Doc Brown. (Back to the Future Part III)

Ada Munrioe comes to Cold Mountain, where she meets and falls in love with Inman. (Cold Mountain, NC) (Cold Mountain)

Christine Daae's father, Gustav, dies, and she goes to the Opera Populaire, an orphan, to study to be a ballerina. (Paris) (The Phantom of the Opera)

Montague Davenport is born. (Louisville, Kentucky) (The Return of the Living Dead)

January: Most of the American South believe the election of Republican president Abraham Lincoln would terminate their ownership of black slaves, and so Jefferson Davies of Mississippi is elected president of a provisional government. (C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America)

10th January: William Seward accepts President-elect Abraham Lincoln's invitation to become Secretary of State. (The Monroe Doctrine)

29th January: Kansas enters the Union as a free state. (Kansas) (Man of Steel)

April: Robert Gould Shaw joins the 7th New York Militia. (New York) (Glory)

12th April: The Battle of Fort Sumter. (Fort Sumter, South Carolina) (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter)

12th April: Johnnie Gray, an engineer for the Western and Atlantic Railroad, guided his locomotive, "The General" into Marietta, Georgia. Marietta was the home of his true love, Annabelle Lee. She waited patiently for his arrival. (Marietta Georgia) (The General)

12th April: American Civil War begins; Scarlett O'Hara meets Rhett Butler at the Twelve Oaks party. (Gone with the Wind)

12th July: Wild Bill Hickok begins to establish his reputation as a gunfighter after he coolly shoots three men during a shootout. (Nebraska) (Wild Bill)

December: The March girls - Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy - give away their Christmas feast to the poor. (Concord, Mass) (Little Women)

8th December: Future illusionist and filmmaker Georges-Jean Meiles is born. (Paris, France) (Hugo)

14th December: Despite assurances from the royal physician that he has "passed the worst", Albert, Prince Consort of the United Kingdom, dies with his beloved wife, Queen Victoria, at his side. (Windsor Castle, England) (Victoria the Great)

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